Inspired by the world of nature

Inspired by
the world of nature

The Modulor Cork is a double sided acoustic room divider, composed of two panels, made of cork, attached to a free-standing metal framework.

Available in 3 models and 2 sizes, each unit can be easily moved thanks to the hidden wheels.The wheels allow for the units to be situated away from walls and to act as a functional and attractive border or accent feature in a large space.

For creating an unique appearance, there are 7 possible cork patterns that can be combined with multiple colors inspired by the world of nature.

Natural, creative
and sustainable

All the cork colors have been inspired by natural elements. Our three colored pattern, PAT.07, creates a fascinating 3D optical illusion, adding visual dynamism to the interior. For those, who seek something calmer, there are various natural tones and plain patterns to choose from.

The curved models provide a nice contrast to the often straight lines and sharp edges of a typical corporate environment, while the straight model is easy to fit into any space or can be used as a link connecting two half arch models.

Different models with the same pattern can be placed next to each other for creating a larger space divider with a sense of continuity. 

Natural, creative and sustainable

Arch - Tall -
Arch - Tall
Half Arch - Tall -
Half Arch - Tall
Straight - Tall -
Straight - Tall
Arch - Short -
Arch - Short
Half Arch - Short -
Half Arch - Short
Straight - Short -
Straight - Short
Base (Arch) -
Base (Arch)
Base (Straight & Half-Arch) -
Base (Straight & Half-Arch)

Customization options

Frame Powder Coatings

Corten -
Gold -
Matte Black -
Matte Black
Matte White -
Matte White

Matte Grey -
Matte Grey
Matte Blue -
Matte Blue
Sparkling Green -
Sparkling Green
Sparkling Red -
Sparkling Red
Sparkling Burgundy -
Sparkling Burgundy

Cork Patterns


Cork Colors

Cork Colors for PAT.07

A visually appealing biophilic element

A visually appealing
biophilic element

Nowadays, cork is considered as one of the most sustainable materials. It is self-regenerative, recyclable and fully biodegradable. When sourced responsibly, its harvesting does not add to the deforestation process and it is completely safe for the environment.

Moreover, the texture and color of cork are working very good with various materials, creating visually appealing biophilic statements.

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